"We all feel the urge to condemn ourselves out of guilt, to blame others for our misfortunes and to fantasize about total disaster."

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Sicilian Heart | Adrian&Helena.


With a smile set into his features, he brushed his fingers over her cheek. Adrian was perfectly fine with ‘just this’ too, but that didn’t change the fact that he believed Helena deserved more- much more.

He made no move to stop her from getting up, he had forgotten his drink and while he didn’t need it, he certianly wouldn’t mind having it. Though he’d much rather have her with him instead of over there.

Confusion wrote itself over his features as she failed to finish her sentance. His eyes moving to fall on the door as well which only added to his confusion. The confusion was rapidly replaced by a need to protect her. This instinct, however, was interrupted by her grave tone. His attention was quickly stolen by the woman who he proudly called his girlfriend.

Did she know what was going on?

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There was only silence between them as she pulled the phone from her back pocket. The number she needed was already programmed into it - number 3 on the speed dial. The bank. Aptly named to keep everything off of the records - no one ever really knew when they were being recorded; when the police had a wire tap on them. 

She held the phone to her ear, her elbow resting against her other arm that had wrapped itself around her middle. She wouldn’t dare show it, but she was upset - more than upset. It was already starting to eat away at her. Her brother, laying there in his own blood…but she didn’t have time to waste over him. 

The line on the other end clicked, but there was no voice. “I have a deposit,” She stated, blue eyes glancing toward Adrian almost every other second - watching him, making sure he wasn’t thinking of doing anything he would regret. But her gaze moved back to Alanzo. “Just one.” 

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Sicilian Heart | Adrian&Helena.


He smiled faintly as she left him, his eyes following her over to the couch. He glanced at the paperwork in front of him before rising from his seat and joining her on the couch. 

He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his lap and pressing a soft kiss to her cheek.

"And you know if I believe I should apologize for something I will. You deserve more than just this." 

He ran his fingers over her forearms, pressing a kiss into her dark hair, resting his mouth there as he closed his eyes.

Work could wait.

Just this is perfectly fine with me, Adrian.” There had to be a bit of normalcy in her life - a bit of calm. It was nice, it was welcomed. Watching him finish his paperwork gave her some sort of piece of mind, as strange as it was. 

She shifted sightly, realizing that both of their glasses had been left on the dining room table. If he didn’t want it, that was fine, but she needed to know so she could either toss it or finish it for him. 

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Sicilian Heart | Adrian&Helena.


Work had been long. He was more than just over worked and over booked this week. So much so that he hadn’t even touched any of his paperwork or looked over what he was to be expecting tomorrow. 

Under usual circumstances, Adrian would have found himself extremely agitated.

But, he wasn’t under usual circumstances.

No- things were much better than normal with something to look forward to after work. It was such a normal thing for Adrian to head over to Helena’s after work he didn’t even think of putting his over night bag in the car- he didn’t call if he was coming; he called if he wasn’t.

He hated to take over her dining room, but days like this it was the only way he’d be able to spend some time with her while still getting what he needed to do done- for both jobs.

They hadn’t exclusively talked about his side practice, but it wasn’t a secret he was trying to keep. Regardless, he was unsure whether or not Helena was aware. She hadn’t asked questions when he had been called away at odd hours. 

So here he was, commandeering her dining room table, unable to give her the attention she deserved at the moment- the attention he wanted  to give her. It was just for tonight.

Who would have thought a simple cup of coffee would have lead to all of this? 

He needed to get at least some of this done before putting work away for the night.

His eyes glanced over at her as she spoke, smiling even as he turned back to the paper in front of him. “Thank you.” He was distracted, but he reached his left hand up, taking hold of her wrist, holding her there until he finished whatever he was writing.

A little break couldn’t hurt. He had gotten a lot done anyway. 

He put down his pen, running his hand over his face before lifting her hand to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to the back of her hand.

"I’m sorry I’m so busy tonight, darling."

Helena had learned never to ask questions. His disappearing acts in the middle of the night, or early in the morning - before he should have even gotten out of bed - were nothing but normal. And not questioning him only meant that he wouldn’t question her. 

She assumed, however, that when - or even if - he wanted to mention what he was doing, he would. Until then, she kept her mouth shut. Questions only complicated things. Especially if the answer was anything less than desirable. 

But she knew. 

She had known all along thanks to her bubbly blond friend. Who was she to express her opinion on the matter? Adrian was an adult, and no matter Helena’s feelings toward his side job, he could do what he wanted. 

She stood silently, seemingly unaffected by his sudden hold on her wrist. It was familiar - a familiar feeling she had wished to forget - but it was…different. There was no harm meant behind it. 

A smile parted her lips as she shook her head. “What did I tell you about apologizing?” She pulled her hand away from his, moving it to cup his jaw gently. “Don’t.” She leaned forward and placed a faint kiss on the corner of his mouth before retreating back to the couch.

Sicilian Heart | Adrian&Helena.

The last few weeks had been as close to perfect as Helena ever imagined she could come. She went from having nothing to having everything - or almost everything. Her relationship with Adrian was thriving - so much so that he had been spending an almost unusual amount of time at her apartment. Not that she minded. In fact, she wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

Plus, she was free to walk around in her tank top and underwear now.

Her business, despite a few mishaps, had been working out almost perfectly as well. A few loyal men had gone missing - something she was working on dealing with. Helena knew better. They were most likely dead, but she would have preferred for them to be killed in front of her. At least, that way, she would have had something to tell their families.

But they knew the risks when they pledged their loyalty to her. It wasn’t a secret that she and her father were at odds. Nor was it a secret that he was anything but pleased with the idea of his daughter - the banished DeLuca - being his competition.

Still, she continued on with business as usual. 

Which also meant keeping her boyfriend in the dark about the entire thing.

The last thing she wanted was for him to meet the same fate as the men who had disappeared. She assumed, however, if her father found out about him, his fate would be much worse. 

Two small glasses in hand, and her phone in the other, she made her way to him - to Adrian - who had turned her dining room table into an extension of his office. Again. There wasn’t exactly a clear spot to set his glass, causing a small frown to pull at the corners of her mouth.

After placing her phone in the back pocket of her jeans, she moved a few papers out of the way - making sure not to lose any, or ruin whatever kind of organization he may have had going on. 

"It’s scotch." She stated plainly before moving to him and placing a kiss into his dark hair. "You look like you could use it." 

I could learn to love again || Helena & Adrian


He didn’t notice.. anything. Any detail, regardless of its size; from the bed spread, color of the carpet.. if there even was carpet, to the mess or lack there of, was completely lost to him.

He was completely focused on her- and only her. Nothing else mattered, nothing.

Fixated on her, he pushed his unbuttoned pants off of his hips, relieving the pressure on his erect member, quickly stepping out of them as he watched her. 

She was naked- completely. 

He yanked his boxers off, approaching the bed and crawling over her.

Helena watched him, eyes drifting down as he revealed himself. A noticeable grin parted her lips; a silent sign of her approval. 

She positioned herself comfortably among her pillows, fingers lightly grazing his arms. She stared up at him - her blue eyes meeting his own. A shaky breath escaped her.

For good measure - just to be positive…

She whispered, as if anyone else in the world could hear her, “You’re sure?” 

I could learn to love again || Helena & Adrian


His eyes were glued to her. Even if he wanted to he couldn’t tear them away.

For a moment, he thought, perhaps, that she had changed her mind again. But when his eyes found hers, he knew that wasn’t the case.

His eyes trailed after her as she moved to the staircase, simply watching her nearly bare form as she walked away from him

Ignoring the tension in his pants, Adrian rose from his spot on the couch, following her motions up the stairs

He’d follow her anywhere.

Especially now.

Helena waited patiently for him at the top of her staircase. She didn’t bother scurrying around to pick up the mess, she highly doubted he wouldn’t even notice.

When he reached her, she took his hands into hers, leading him - much like she had at the fountains - toward her bed. When her calves hit the mattress, she stopped.

She released his hands and moved back onto the bed. A small, but noticeable, smirk pulling at her lips. Her fingers danced across the band of her underwear, practically teasing him as she pulled them down, but only a small bit at a time.

She wanted to be sure he was watching. She wanted his hunger to match hers.

I could learn to love again || Helena & Adrian


It was the second time their hips had collided and quite frankly it was driving him mad. He tried to hold back his moan, his efforts were only partially successful; a groan still forced its way out of him filling the silence between them.

He allowed her to push him away. Had she changed her mind? It wasn’t as if he would hold it against her, it was understandable.

A smirk found its way onto his features as she began to push down her bottoms. His eyes found hers as she stopped, moving his hands to run along the length of her legs, pushing her leggings the remainder of the distance down. 

Helena pushed herself onto her forearms, scooting out from underneath him. She used the arm rest of the couch to push herself the remainder of the way up. 

For a moment, she simply stared at him - as she had done many times before, but the look in her eyes was different now. There was a burning desire hidden behind pools of blue. 

She stood, taking a few steps forward as she reached around, slowly undoing the clasps of her bra. She turned slightly, a smile parting her lips as she allowed the straps to fall down her arms; the whole bra falling from her body shortly after. 

There were no words, no directions. Helena assumed, as she moved toward the staircase, that he would follow. 

I could learn to love again || Helena & Adrian


He released her again, moving his hands to join hers, removing the belt with ease.

But he didn’t stop there. While he was at it, he unbuttoned his pants. He didn’t remove them though. No. Suddenly he was very aware of just how clothed Helena was.

In a spurt of newfound confidence, his hands returned to her hips, grasping the tanktop and pulling it up. He pulled away from her just in time to pull the tank top over her head.

He gazed down at her, a softness filling his eyes, mixing and mingling with the need that was there. Slowly, he returned to his task of kissing her, first on the lips, then her jaw.

She watched closely, teeth finding her bottom lip again. The anticipation was killing her, even more so when he stopped. The next thing she knew, she was missing her tank top. Red crept across her cheeks as her eyes moved to look into his. 

A soft moan passed her lips as her back arched, forcing her hips to crash against his again. 

Her hands found his biceps once more, only this time, she gently pushed him away from her. Fingers toyed with the band of her leggings before she slid them down - only to the middle of her thighs.

He would have to do the rest.

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